Your 5-Step Guide to The Ultimate Vision Board

Many people misunderstand vision boards. They don’t really get the whole picture, and so, end up with vision boards that just don’t work. This step by step guide will teach you how to make a vision board that really works, by showing you the important aspects to be aware of. A vision board is a tool. If you make and employ it correctly, you will achieve your intended goal without failure.

Advantages of a Vision Board

The mind is like a vast ocean, swirling from point to point, with numerous memories, signals and knowledge to take care of, assimilate, organize and retrieve. This makes it easy for us to forget, but with a visual focal point, you will continue to remind your subconscious day after day, and also continue to strengthen your physical neural network, until your desire becomes part of you, until it becomes your reality.

The 5 Step Guide to the Ultimate Vision Board

Step 1. Decide on A single Goal

If you want your vision board to work, and to work exceptionally well, then decide on a single goal, not goals. You want to focus on the one thing that you want the most. Forget people who tell you to make a list of all your dreams and desires, they are only setting you up for frustration. Set a single goal. It must be specific. You should have a means of measuring its success. It should be an achievable goal, and must also make sense and be realistic.
Step 2. Collect Relevant Pictures

Now that you know exactly what you want and how it looks like, it is time to collect pictures. One of the best places to get these pictures are from old magazines. You can also use Internet search engines to search for pictures that depict the life you desire, or the goal that you are trying to achieve. You can then download and print them. The images should simply symbolize your desire or wish for yourself. Get as many pictures as you can find, all symbolizing this single wish that you have.
Step 3. Make a Collage

Get a large piece of paper, cardboard, or even set out space on the wall of your room. Get some glue and use it to paste all the pictures on your vision board, in a manner that pleases you.

Step 4. Add Some Words

In order to make your vision board complete, you have to use colored pens or the like, to write relevant words on it. These should be words that describe the pictures, invoke feelings about your desire or target, affirm your belief and desire to achieve the goal, and that also inspires you to take action towards your goal.
Step 5. Use it Daily

Now that your vision board is complete, you have to use it daily. If it is not on a wall, then place it somewhere you will easily see it everyday. Take a few minutes each day, and go through the images and the words, soaking them in and breathing in your new reality.
With the above 5 steps, you will create a powerful vision board that will manifest your heart’s desires as fabulously as were it magic. Remember to follow all the rules, and also check out this video if you need more information about visualization.